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Concrete Services Available in Longwood

Longwood, FL has been a destination point for travelers and visitors since coastal tribes used an ancient bald cypress tree to trace their way over land from the trading grounds at Spring Hammock to the St. Johns River. In 2014, the city received recognition from WJXT Channel 4, as one of Florida’s safest places to raise a family.

Aside from hosting the famous 2015-2016 Performance Series, Longwood Gardens features a variety of musical events throughout the year including Jazz, Classical and the annual Christmas Festival, to name a few. The stunning surroundings of Longwood Gardens offer you the chance to indulge in the 2015-2016 performance that include the celebrated organ, world music, jazz, and classical concerts. Their classical concerts offer spectators the opportunity to meet some of today’s best artists who are talented at performing masterworks for the brass, piano and voice as well as period instruments.

The city plays host to exquisite dining events that indulge residents and visitors in the unique tastes of the talented chefs of Longwood. Examples of these events are Breakfast with Santa, Thanksgiving Buffet and Cookie Time with Santa.

Fascinating walking tours explore the stunning Longwood Gardens including its history and horticulture. Famous destinations include Garden Story Insider Tour, Flower Garden Walk Highlights, Meadow Garden Walks and Hikes, American Birding Association Monthly Bird Hikes and Chrysanthemum Festival Highlights, among others.

Visit the Conservatory Story Insider Tour to explore the history and heritage of the Performing Arts spaces located within the Conservatory. Also, stop by Longwood Walk to join experienced, skillful guides on a quest to discover the feathery inhabitants of Longwood, FL.

As a result of the city’s growth and popularity, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of residential and commercial construction projects in Longwood, FL and Brad’s Concrete is on the forefront providing a number of concrete services including concrete construction, concrete foundation, concrete slabs and concrete driveways for residential and commercial customers in and around Longwood, FL. Whether it’s quickly pouring a concrete foundation for a new shopping center or building a concrete driveway for a homeowner, Brad’s Concrete has proven to be the foundation of a successful construction project.

For more information about the Services available from Brad’s Concrete, Inc. contact us today at 386-216-2986 or visit us online to fill out our estimate form today!