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Concrete Slab Construction in Lake Mary, FL

Brad’s Concrete specializes in fabricating concrete slabs for residential and commercial properties in Lake Mary, FL. We are a full-service concrete contractor that can meet any concrete construction specification, including driveway construction and concrete slabs for homes, sheds, and other buildings, to name a few. We also serve clients in DeLand, DeBary, Deltona, Longwood, and Orange City, FL.

Concrete Contractors

A building is only as strong as its foundation. Sheds, gatehouses, churches, restaurants, and other metal buildings, need a solid foundation. Concrete slabs are the ideal foundation due its strength and durability. When properly installed, it will withstand the building's weight and its contents without shifting or settling. That’s why it's essential only to hire experienced concrete contractors like Brad's Concrete.

Concrete Construction

Laying a concrete slab foundation requires careful attention to detail. Before concrete can be poured, the site needs to be prepared appropriately, such as clearing shrubs, weeds, and other debris. After the area is cleared, the land needs to be leveled and cut for the slab’s specified thickness. The standard thickness for residential concrete slabs is typically four inches and up to six inches to accommodate heavy loads. However, concrete slabs used as flooring, like in many commercial buildings, require a different set of specifications, including base and subbase materials, to meet the desired thickness and strength.

Driveway Construction

We also specialize in concrete driveway construction for residential and commercial properties in Lake Mary and throughout Volusia County. Our driveway construction service includes subgrade preparation, concrete mix, reinforcement, and placement. A concrete driveway offers many advantages. Concrete driveways are more durable, lasting up to 25 years or more when properly constructed. A concrete driveway can also accommodate heavier vehicles like motor homes, recreational vehicles, and trucks without sinking or damaging the surface. Concrete driveways are available in many different design options to complement your residential or commercial property. They also require no maintenance other than an occasional cleaning to remove any surface stains. Concrete driveways do not need resurfacing, making them more cost-effective than other types of driveway construction.

Visit our website or contact us at 386-216-2986 if you need a concrete slab for your residential or commercial construction project in Lake Mary, FL. We are fully licensed and insured.